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Virtual Mentor, Trusted Confidante,

Accountability Coach

Now more than ever, individuals are struggling to identify, prioritize and stay on track with their goals. We can help. Experience one-on-one coaching and move forward faster. Our confidential services and training help you gain the confidence to achieve your goals. Let's face it, finding someone you can trust to help you move further is usually a challenge. We can help.

How can we help?

Successful individuals know well the advantages of having a coach and mentor. Intelligent Teacher believes this is a critical time to offer expertise to those committed to meet their full potential and purpose. Having a safe and reliable connection with an experienced professional who will always be in your court, provides you with input and guidance aimed to help you get there faster.
No longer for the informed few, professional expertise will provide you an added advantage in a dynamic and challenging world. We've got this!

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Image by Leon

Your one-on-one personalized virtual coach:

With proven experience, our coaching will provide you the opportunity to optimize your performance. Offering you personal access to a safe, confidential, and judgement-free practice will ensure you can move past barriers sooner to meet your goals, achieve your full potential, and realize your purpose.

Regardless of where you are today, identifying and focusing on personal and professional priorities will increase your performance in a manner that is sustainable by providing you accountability to a level of detail that meets your current and future needs.

Providing you an effective approach to achieving meeting your goals:

If you are well past or have over-extended your reach to family, peers, and friends for performance improvement – act now. It is likely time to look at a new and effective approach it is time to apply an innovative and effective approach. An innovative approach will yield you new and improved results.

We offer individual, business, and executive coaching. This can include integrated coaching that aligns your coaching experience with the development of a personalized program that can include educational opportunities to deepen your skills and increase your performance to achieve your full potential.

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Passionate. Experienced and Informative.

Confidential. Respectful. Safe Space.

Regardless of time zone or geographic location, virtual coaching provides you a reliable and
convenient arrangement to meet the demands of your life and schedule. No time constraints, no
travel constraints and no need to share your challenges with those within your sphere of
influence as you develop and attain personal and professional growth.

  • Readily accessible

  • No need to work around traditional business hours

  • No need to wait to accelerate your outcomes

  • Confidential “your space” is always in place

Successful individuals have and continue to have experienced coaches and mentors. It’s your
turn…Successful people also ask for help. You want to improve. We will help you get there.

Looking forward to getting to know you.

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