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Virtual Mentor, Trusted Confidante,
and Teacher

Intelligent Teacher is unequaled in its commitment to helping you prioritize and meet your goals.

Wherever you are on your journey we can help you maximize your full potential and take decisive action, realize your mission, and boost your career and financial success. Accelerate...  It is time for you to learn forward to your potential©. Breakthrough and gain back your focus on what matters to you. Thrive in a respectful environment that demonstratively values equality, diversity, and inclusivity.

Move Forward. Gain Momentum and Thrive. Virtually Anywhere

Helping individuals and businesses to set priorities and attain goals is priority one. Learn to prioritize and save time to accelerate your goal attainment. and achieve results. This includes key areas of career, finance, professional relationships with the appropriate healthy balance. Using our PAT © approach to value your most critical resources of Well-Being, Time, and Money, with measurable results. With proven time and money management know-how, you can discover your optimal personal, business, and financial goals. 

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At a Cross Road? We Are Your Performance Partner  

As your accountability partner, a customized 30/60/90 day action plan will be developed to align you with your goals. You will not be alone along your success journey. We recognize one size does not fit all. We get it. Your experience will be as unique as you are, always. Our mission is to inspire and help you achieve your goals and reach your mission and purpose. If you need a proven accountability partner we are here to help you. Act now and succeed through your actions and decisions with desired results.  

Making it Possible Interactively. Skill Building 

Are you doing the same thing and keep getting the same results? We will help you realize your goals by assisting with your target attainment. With a personalized roadmap, your best path forward will be identified and detailed. This includes supporting a mindset that promotes mental preparation for success.  Our proven approach will help you get beyond the ordinary and past obstacles and promote positive internal dialogue aimed at accomplishing your goals.


Whatever you need

With Intelligent Teacher, you have access to a mobile mentor throughout your journey. When you need it, your growth coach will inspire change by helping you be accountable to your success goals - any time.  Business and personal strategies include your ePortfolio, strategic plan, resume building, personal branding, Interview practice, and pitching to provide a guide toward success as you discover your professional value proposition.

It's time to increase your productivity 

Ever wonder how to save time so you can do more ? Now, you have access to time management experts.  Let's face it - sometimes you need to reach outside your comfort zone to obtain a new perspective that will take you in another direction and increase your productivity. We all have 24 hours in a day. How are you optimizing your time?

Experience and support to guide you toward your goals and propel you forward to the results you want.

As your accountability partner, we customize your 30/60/90 day personalized action plan. You will not be alone in your success journey. You will be assisted in resolving conflicts that have become obstacles to staying focused. Learn how to spend your time and energy on what serves your success.

Virtual Team Meeting

High Achiever

If the phrase "high achiever" resonates with you and you are wanting to take it to the next level you have come to the right place. You have unique qualities, perhaps a one-percenter. Keep it going. Accelerate.


Your go-to source for all the latest in business planning, financial management, and making the right connections to take yourself or your business forward. Have what it take?  It is time to realize your full narrative.

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Business Owner

Balance the changing market and financial considerations. Take the time to think through informed decisions with a trusted advisor. Business decisions matter. We understand and look forward to helping you grow.   

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Women in STEM

We have years of demonstrative leadership experience and training expertise to save you time in navigating to your success. As subject matter experts, we know what it takes to negotiate a career in STEM. Opportunity abounds, It is time to change the ordinance and embrace the opportunity to thrive in a prosperous career of your choosing. Reach out to a brighter tomorrow. You are in the right place at the right time. Learn. Grow. Thrive .

Working from Home

Organizational Wellness

Education, work, and training with a commitment to excellence for organizations that are intent on overall organizational wellness. A healthy and supportive environment is one of productivity and growth. Top-performing organizations support health and individual growth. Smart organizations know this plays an important role in the retention and innovation. 

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Ready To Assist You

Support when you need it and  right now, virtually. Discover more about our offerings.
...and discover more about you! 

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A+ Testimonials
Speaking of Success
This is why we do what we do...

“Thank you for all of the knowledge, experience, and guidance you’ve given. You have been an amazing mentor and I cannot thank you enough” JB

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 Connecting you to your success

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